Nutrition Gifts

ACF-Liberia, V.Burger

Action Against Hunger’s methods for helping people with acute malnutrition are internationally renowned, having pioneered revolutionary nutrition products and treatment protocols that improved success rates to over 90%.

Help us save more young lives by purchasing a nutrition gift.


Gifts by Program

Fuel Efficient Stove - $20.00

Emergency Therapeutic Food - $45.00

Family of Chicks - $85.00

Honey Bees - $85.00

Dairy Goat - $100.00

Dairy Cow - $120.00

Termite Hotel - $420.00

1,000 Days of Child Care - $1,485.00

Health Center Renovation - $1,500.00

How Your Gift Helps

Your gift purchase is a symbolic representation of our real service costs, and is combined with the gifts of others to help as many people as possible.