Mother's Day

Improve the lives of mothers around the world by buying your mom a gift that she won’t want to exchange. Whether you provide a safe delivery for a newborn or empower women to start a business, we have you covered.

Buy a lifesaving gift and send your mom a beautiful ecard.

Mother's Day

Gifts by Occasion

Fuel Efficient Stove - $20.00

Emergency Therapeutic Food - $45.00

Village Savings Association - $80.00

Fresh Food for a Pregnant Woman - $87.00

Dairy Goat - $100.00

Women Against Violence Training - $280.00

Emergency Stimulus Package - $356.00

Fruit Tree and Vegetable Garden - $525.00

Displaced Family Emergency Kit - $830.00

Women's Small Business Grant - $1,200.00

1,000 Days of Child Care - $1,485.00

How Your Gift Helps

Your gift purchase is a symbolic representation of our real service costs, and is combined with the gifts of others to help as many people as possible. We work to save the lives of malnourished children and provide communities with sustainable solutions to hunger. In 2014, we helped 13+ million people in more than 45 countries.